Around bikes

One of my last passion is to find a good designed alternative way to move my ass from a place to another place without producing more pollution in our earth. Working on this  I have founds a lot of interesting websites that I want to share. We can start from that show new ideas how to build furniture with pieces of bicicles. Serching for a folding bike (as you can see writing folding bike on google) you’ll find a lot of models. But point is: are this bikes well designed? A lot of thems yes but I’ve to say that on the first impression they looks ridicule and not sexy. Continuing serching I found just a model that I think is well designed and I would like to buy. It is the Dahon Matrix ( I like even the name). Even if  it is a folding bike it look pretty and cool exactly as a dirty/dual mountain bike.Even the weight is ok. Last but not least an curious object I found is the  easy-glider, take a look! it seems to be interesting.